Occupational Health and Safety software help employers and employees to collect data and report on incidents in timely and compliant manner. One can reduce chances of reoccurrence of incidents.But which is the Best OHS Software for Industrial Organizations? 

Imagine an innovative cloud-based Health and Safety management system that improves company performance and ensures you meet all your legal obligation. Imagine such a resource right in your hands and enjoying the benefits of an OHS software- tailored to your specific regulatory and management needs. The best OHS software for industrial based organizations is designed to bring to life such imaginations.

With the diversity in product mix and the ever growing software variety on the market, identifying the best application for the job can be quite tasking. But with a little more attention and using the right guide, you will be able to pick just the right software for the job.

However, it is worth mentioning beforehand that, as you explore the various options around, you will be required to answer a few questions that will narrow the search to your industry and particularly to your company policy needs. This is because developers in the quest for excellence have moved from creating “umbrella” software to creating much more specific and custom made OHS software.

Here are some of the very simple but integral questions you may have to ask as you resolve to get yourself that software package; What is our industry? What is our core business?  What is our current workforce size? And how much will it cost? Choosing the right software will give safety coordinators and companies a relief not only on compliance but also a whole variety of general and specific health and safety management headaches.

Here now are some features to look out for as you go about considering the best OHS software for your industrial based organization.

Compliance with OHS laws. 

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? It is obvious that the process of complying with OHS laws is becoming more computer-driven but most vendors develop applications with a compliance approach for specific regions like the US and Australia. This means that you will have to check if your OSH regulatory policies have been included. Agony will be acquiring a software package not tailored to your region or discovering that some of your OHS regulatory requirements have not been built-in.

Two of the most primary compliance requirements are; firstly the OHSAS 18000, a system specification designed to help organizations control their OHS risks. The OHSAS 18000 has two parts: OHSAS 18001; and OHSAS 18002. Secondly is the CSA Z1000, a comprehensive Canadian national standard that provides a framework for compliance and safety management and applies to all parts of Canada.

Ease of Data Collection and Reporting. 

Averting work-related incidents requires good data, to collect good data requires support from all interested parties in an industry. And the ultimate result is the protection of workers and the environment and general workplace safety. Now, in order to address concerns about the unbalanced OHS data collection and reporting, you will need a program designed to reduce inefficiencies.

The quality of data collected and reported has a direct impact on the quality of decisions management will make, eventually, this will affect the preventative or corrective actions to be taken. This is why if you are an organization that values safety, you will encourage the reporting of near-miss events and reward workers for identifying hazards and reporting in real-time. The best OHSE software will create a platform for employers and employees to collect data and report on incidents in uniformity, timely and in a compliant manner. In addition, you will have a platform to access data that are common within your entire industry.

Notifications, Observation, and Monitoring 

Supposing you have the all the data going into one system- just what you need, it’s goodbye to heaps of paperwork, and running to the system to get the data of information you need won’t just work. OHS software should give you the convenience of receiving the information you need instantly through a messaging system or e-mail system without necessarily going to the system. All in all, the application program should be able to facilitate effective communication on all OHS related activities within and outside the company.

You also need to constantly monitor your employees’ compliance to safety procedures and all laid down OHS regulations. What you are looking for is an application that allows you to observe and monitor your facility and employees in real-time and suggest the required action.

Employee Training and Competency 

So, somehow you managed to get the best OSH software on the market, but imagine how that will work out with a team of untrained and incompetent workers. It will be a futile effort to provide quality OHS facilities if the beneficiaries lack the know-how and training in those OHS provisions.

The best OHS software for industry much provides you the tools offer and monitor of all OHS training and competency respectively. Beyond this, you should be able to develop safety courses for new employees, return-to-work employees, and courses for all job-particular positions. Further, the package should allow you to comprehensively track the competency of each employee in Safe-Job-Procedures.

Crew staffing and job scheduling 

Let’s assume you’ve been managing your safety program all these years with paper manuals, chasing trails of who is available for work and who isn’t available. You have successfully managed to perform HR functions or maybe the efforts have been unfruitful, now imagine a resource that helps you schedule jobs and allocates your staff to work for crews purely on merit without your direct input.

The best OHS software will have a scheduler that draws data from resources like login, payroll, first aid attendance records, etc. to save you the headaches of allocating jobs and putting staff in work groups.

There are a few more other primary features that define the best OHSE software program, nonetheless, the above five and others that you can decide intuitively may serve as the principle. Imagine, all you need is access to the internet and a device to tap into the cloud-based OHS management program.