The industrial world is evolving at an alarming rate, both large and small corporations are faced with increasing pressure in their effort to adjust and adapt their Occupational Health and Safety policies. One of the major changes is that organisations are now required by law to be transparent and accountable in their operations. Thus, the need for an above reproach OHS audit and inspection program can not be overemphasized.

Management teams around the world now have a responsibility not only to their employees but also to their customers and the environment in which they operate. Failure to put in place acceptable health and safety policies can have a heavy toll on a company’s reputation and finances, and far more importantly, put lives at risk. But, you can be an exception, why not enhance the productivity of you auditors and inspection program managers? This will provide you improved measurement and understand your level of compliance and help develop premium OHS activities.

The next step after having a well-documented OHS manual is to conduct OHS audits and inspections. The reason you are carrying out audits and inspections, which in fact are a continuous process is to simply create a step by step method of achieving a healthy and safe workplace.

Streamlining your audit and inspection activities means having a comprehensive OHS system which will identify and prioritize areas for improvement throughout your company’s operations. After your OHS hazards have been identified, you should be able to develop an action plan and work towards excellence progressively.

With a simplified audit and inspection process, you can complete your audits and inspections processes in half the usual time and painlessly report and track outcomes. A streamlined OHS program will use only standard checklists for inspections or you can just build your own. Such a system allows you to make sure all your regulatory obligations are being met well on time.

To streamline your audit and inspection activities, all you need to do is to automate and centralized audit management system. Now, to automate and centralize your audit system will demand that you bring on an OHS software, this will reduce data collection inefficiencies. Such an application will harmonize all data across your company and put this data in a central and easy to access place. All the data you need to conduct an audit can now be accessed and used by third party officials.

Simplifying your audit and inspection management process will help you achieve your OHS agenda effortlessly and in addition, will help your organization monitor your regulatory compliance status. As a replacement for having disparate and duplicate processes, such a software will also reduce audit and inspection costs through a standardized assessment of regulatory compliance across your organization. You have the option of dodging the premiums charged by OHS consultants.

Further, you can make targeted audit and inspection plans based on historical performance and other risk indicators.  A streamlined audit and inspection program will eliminate delays and all likely appearances of non-compliance will be identified and reported in a consistent manner.

Simplify your internal, external and third party audit and inspection process to remain a Law abiding corporation. You can now become compliant, transparent, accountable and responsible OHS managers with an OHS software.