The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary

May 08, 2019

What some might now know is that the Poppy Fund closed the Veterans Food Bank last year. Some individuals that felt our Veterans in the Calgary area still required assistance and have a safe place to go have committed their time to open a new Food Bank that will also connect Veterans with additional services to meet their needs. In order to get this location open, they are currently re-building the warehouse.

I am a Freemason. My Lodge sponsored the previous Food Bank and we support the current endeavors of the Calgary Veterans Food Bank. Through our members, we have donated construction materials, time and advice. I am reaching out to you as a private citizen that believes that our Veterans have stood the line for us, and we can now offer support to them. I have organized Work Parties at the warehouse where we will meet, donate of our time and labour to complete the construction and see this endeavor succeed. I am writing to personally ask you to lend your expertise and skills to a worthy cause.

I will be supplying lunch at each of these dates. Bring your friends, family and kids. We need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, insulators, drywallers, mudding crews and painters. We are still in need of computers, lights and shelving. If anyone knows of walk in refrigeration and freezer units, we need those as Costco Canada will donate food that requires cooling. Older entertainment devices, pool tables, dart boards, T. V’s, stereos and games room decor and furniture would also be welcomed. There will be a place built for Veterans to get together to discuss issues, receive guidance and attend counseling if needed.

If you feel that you can assist, please contact me at , your consideration to be involved in this project is greatly appreciated. The working parties start on May 25 and every Saturday until we can officially open the doors.


Trevor Klein