We rely heavily on this system to ensure our employees have the correct training prior to sending them out on a job. We also get notified if their training is about to expire.  Makes it so much easier to make sure our workers are trained and have the proper certification prior to going on the job.

We all use the system every day.  We even give our outside auditors read only access. This gives them all of the information required to do their audit.  Makes it easier on them and us.  We do in days what used to take weeks and we are always on top of our safety activities.

We have been using Corepoint’s  safety solution for over years and we find the layout of the solution very clean and makes it very easy to use.  We use it for everything we do related to safety.  So great having everything in the same place.  Makes it much easier staying on top of doing the right things that are needed to improve our safety.  Thanks!